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Anonymous asked:
Mais qu'est-ce que t'es chiante j'hallucine

Manges mon ass tbh

Anonymous asked:
i really like salinger's books too, you said nine stories was your second fave book, whats the first? or just what books did you like? (i'm searching for something to read)

Franny and Zooey 4 lyf

ukipo asked:
i think what she means is that even doing acts to help others results in u feeling better about yourself like that is human nature and that is still for a selfish reason even if the act itself is v good and nice and all. that doesnt make it innately "bad" we r just all driven by personal fulfillment. like chill go grab a capri sun

Yes yes exactly thank you !!

I understand and agree with you %100 I'm taking a philosophy class and you are spot on, that's the type of stuff we talk about in it. We as human beings are naturally selfish.

Nice I never did philosophy but it interests me so much smh I really want to learn more about it

People messaging me saying “I do acts of kindness to make others happy, not me” is like..literally proving my point I mean it all comes full circle
I’m not scalding anyone here I’m not trying to be offensive like lmfao I’m a perpetrator of this too I mean all of us are I’m just making an observation and a statement bc it interests me

Anonymous asked:
I personally do not get any joy out of helping anyone. If someone needs help, it's just the right thing to do. It's selfish to get pleasure for helping someone.

You saying that you’re completely selfless and not helping others out of personal interest is a statement of smugness in itself though. Like you are clearly content about the fact that you are selfless. Do you see what I’m getting at?? Obviously it’s a good thing I mean it’s amazing if you do selfless deeds, I’m not denying any of that I’m just stating facts!! Keep doing what you’re doing though like it’s good

Anonymous asked:
i know what you mean, but i genuinely believe in unselfish kindness. i think some people do the right things even when it wont benefit them, alot of people are selfish though so I see what you mean.

But this is what I’m talking about!! Even when you’re performing an act of unselfish kindness which is completely plausible as I also love seeing people happy at the end of the day you’re pleasuring urself by the idea that you performed an unselfish act of kindness like does this make sense?? I don’t think this makes humans bad as a whole I’m just kind of observing